Exercise and grooming

We believe that horses need very frequent and enjoyable contact with horses, people and other animals in order to be at their best.

Trail familiarization

Horses love being in the natural environment, but being flight animals, they need that reassurance that only an experienced trail rider can give them.

We and the horse’s owners have won at several hunter paces in Connecticut and New York with horses that were initially very skittish on trails.

Our Mission

We love to take the necessary time with these noble animals to bring out the best in them and us.

Happy Woof LLC owner, Francine Deneffe has over thirty years of riding experience with horses of all kinds in Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Happy Woof started to provide the Equuscise service in 2013. Serving the Georgetown, Wilton, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston and surrounding areas.

Next Steps…

Email: equuscise@happywoof.com

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